My name is Paul Miller, and I have been in IT since 1999.

For the last four years or so I’ve been a Data Engineer for a small (only in numbers) company based in Maryland. Before that I did mostly web site development and reporting and application development, both desktop and server side. All along the way I’ve integrated security and vulnerability testing, and while security has never been a primary job title, it has always been a love of mine.

I spent nine years in the Air Force as a computer programmer, even spent a year in Afghanistan as a Radio Telephone Operator and Information Management Officer.

Throughout all of this, I always had an interest in Information and Computer Security, as it is an important part of any job in IT that I’ve held.

One other interest that I’ve started to refine is Whisk(e)y. I’m not a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy being able to sit down after a long day of hacking away at the keyboard with a nice glass of smoky Scotch or a sweeter bourbon, so you may see an occasional whiskey review here as well. Mainly so I can keep track of which ones I like and which I can leave on the shelf down the line.

I’ve also recently rediscovered a love for woodworking. I’ve always loved creating things, and I view woodworking and coding as very similar activities, only with a different medium. You still have to solve problems in creative ways to work towards a final product. The biggest difference for me is that I think my family appreciates a new piece of furniture more than a new program I’ve written.