My name is Paul Miller, and I have been in IT since 1999.

Over the years I’ve worked in many environments, from the US military to international companies, down to a small 4 person shop doing consulting work for local businesses covering everything from simple web development and database management to building and managing large back end data ingestion systems.

Currently (as of the time of this edit), I work for an awesome company called Aledade, doing mostly medical claims ingestion and processing to enable value based care for small primary care providers across the country, and it’s probably the most rewarding job I’ve had to date.

Throughout all of this, I always had an interest in Information and Computer Security, as it is an important part of any job in IT that I’ve held, and this is the main reason I put this blog up.

My other hobbies include: Whatever interests me at the moment. 🙂 I’m a collector of whiskies, I play in competitive chess tournaments (didn’t say I was good, just that I play), and I enjoy building things with pieces of wood as well as circuit boards, sensors, and wires.